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Download Game Final Fantasy Type-0 PSP - The Ultimate Guide to Install and Enjoy the Fan Translation

Final Fantasy Type-0 is an action role-playing game in which the player controls the 14 members of Class Zero, who are sent on missions across Orience. Outside environments such as the Vermillion Peristylium (Class Zero's home base) and dedicated missions, the game world of Orience is navigated via a scaled-down world map. Class Zero is sent on missions across Orience during the course of the game. The player initially travels to preset destinations in the world on an airship supplied by the Peristylium, but gains their own airship to freely navigate the world map after defeating a powerful enemy guarding it.[11][12] The main gameplay is presented in a mission-based structure.[10] The two types of missions encountered are story-based missions, and "Practice" missions, which act as side-quests.[13] During missions, optional orders are issued which can be obeyed or ignored as the player chooses. Should they be accepted, the characters receive a temporary power boost, and completing the objectives yields rewards.[10][13] Players can also engage in real-time strategy battles on the world map, with the player taking control of allied military divisions. Missions involve liberating cities and towns from enemy forces.[14] Timed aerial missions are also available where the characters shoot down attacking dragons using their airship's weapons.[15]

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Defeated enemy units drop a substance called Phantoma. The color of Phantoma indicates what aspect of the character it will replenish, though in general they automatically replenish a set amount of magic points. Phantoma are used in the game's leveling system, the Altocrystarium, to strengthen a character's magic skills.[19] The game's magic skills are divided into five basic groups named after types of guns: for example, "Rifle" fires the spell in a straight line, while "Missile" homes in on and chases targeted enemies.[13][20] Holding down the assigned action button increases the power of the attack.[21] Many combat situations involve timed challenges. Success rewards the character, while failure drains their health. If a character is defeated in battle, the player can instantly select another to replace it, and the defeated character must be revived outside the mission.[17] The game features an arena where practice fights take place. While these fights are not against real foes, the characters continue to level up and gain Phantoma after the battle, and twenty battles can be arranged at any one time.[15] Each character has access to summoned monsters called Eidolons,[Jp. 4] which act as temporary playable characters and have their own set of skills. Summoning them empties the selected character's health gauge, removing them from battle until they are revived. Summons are also affected by the current environment: as an example, Shiva's powers are stronger in snowy weather. After a limited time in battle, the Eidolons are dismissed. Those available to players are series staples Shiva, Ifrit, Golem, Odin, Diablos and Bahamut.[13][17][22][23] Each Eidolon has variants of its original form, many of which are unlocked as the game progresses.[21]

Final Fantasy Type-0 was originally titled Final Fantasy Agito XIII, envisioned as a game for mobile devices. It was conceived in 2005 as part of Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy, a subseries of Final Fantasy games linked by a common mythos. Agito XIII was the final original Fabula Nova Crystallis game to be created. The decision to make it a mobile game was based on the popularity of Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII. Hajime Tabata, who contributed to the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythos, was searching for a new project after finishing Before Crisis and became the game's director.[45][46] Before Crisis producer Kosei Ito acted as producer before his move to Capcom prior to 2009.[47][48] Beginning development in 2006, the game was first announced at that year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). It was said to offer on-the-go access to the Fabula Nova Crystallis universe, using gameplay functions exclusive to mobile phones of the time.[47][49][50] The concept was to deliver a game for mobile platforms equivalent to a console game from the main Final Fantasy series, and to make it available in its entirety upon release rather than in episodic format.[51]

Type-0's scenario was conceived by Tabata and written by Hiroki Chiba and Sara Okabe.[6][7][8] While the game was still titled Agito XIII, Tabata described it as "a major title [...] formed from a variety of concepts" which included the collision of four fantasies (the game's view of Orience), a battle between magic and weapons, and the two sides of reality.[67] The early story concept drew heavily from popular manga and anime, but little survived after the platform change. Tabata instead chose a new style similar to historical films and documentaries.[28] The new story's concept started with the idea of a war story told by young people caught up in the event, with its story themes revolving around death and its impact on others.[5] A major inspiration was the Japanese documentary series Centuries of Picture. The final story was darker than many other Final Fantasy games.[28] Despite its title change, the game was kept within the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythos.[65][68] The approach taken with the mythos was to portray the roles of its deities from a historical standpoint, while telling a story focused on the human side of events.[5][57][69] The cyclic nature of the game's universe was created to help incorporate aspects of the mythos.[70] The roles and backgrounds for each character in the game were conceived and put into place after the setting and main story had been finalized.[71] After the game's release, Tabata commented that when he was writing the story he would have liked to have been more thorough, and to have made the story easier for players to understand.[72]

It starts very darkly. The opening cut scene sets a scenario of war, and not the glorified kind of war where everyone gets to be a hero. In Final Fantasy Type-0 war means death, and the development team choose to drive that concept home by taking one of its many symbols of innocent high fantasy, the chocobo, and literally slitting its throat. As it bleeds all over the place it dies with its owner, and the tone for the game is well and truly set.

The battle system is an evolution of the "ATB Kai" system created by Takatsugu Nakazawa for Final Fantasy X-2, and later refined in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. Unlike Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, the combat is party-based. Instead of navigating through menus, actions are mapped to the face buttons for quick access. There are some fighting game style elements like movement-canceling for skilled action players. There are fourteen playable characters who each have their own playstyle: some are fast, some are slow, some are ranged, some specialize in close-combat, and they have different proficiencies in magic use. The player can equip their party with weapons, accessories, and abilities, one ability slot being reserved for a support or defensive-type skill.

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