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Where To Buy Refurbished Phones

Cell phones are important for everyday life, whether it is to keep us productive, entertained or so we can stay in touch with our loved ones. If you need to buy cheap cell phones, Decluttr has the answer. Time to buy a refurbished phone? We sell a huge range, like the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS Max as well as Samsung Galaxy cell phones, Google Pixel phones and many more.

where to buy refurbished phones

The main reason, of course, is the price. We offer a great range of cell phones at a fraction of their original cost, saving you money without having to compromise on quality! Plus, all of our reconditioned cell phones have gone through a 70 point check and come with a 12 month limited warranty. We offer FREE shipping on our pre owned cell phones too!

Recent reports by the IDC suggests the used phone market will reach 220 million devices sold each year by 2022. Making the used or refurbished phones and iPad market worth an estimated $52 billion a year. As phone prices rise, and more phones in 2020 cost upwards of $1,000 more and more people will choose to buy used.

All the sellers of refurbished phones on SellCell have been rigorously vetted to ensure they are a quality company that produces refurbished devices to a high standard so you can rest assured you are getting a high quality product from a trusted company.

SellCell is completely free and totally impartial. We compare deals on refurbished phones from the leading brands and we show you independently verified customer reviews for each seller to help you make the right decision

To get the best deal when buying a refurbished phone or other refurbished device you ideally need to shop around as prices vary a lot. SellCell saves you the time and hassle of shopping around by instantly comparing prices from all the leading sellers in one handy place. Problem solved!

A refurbished phone is a pre-owned device that has been professionally refurbished back to perfect working condition. A refurbished phone is a genuine alternative to buying a new phone as it provides all the benefits of new phone but at a much cheaper price.

A fully refurbished device to 'Like New' condition looks exactly like a brand new phone. The refurbishing company will replace any element of the phone's exterior that shows any signs of damage or wear such as the screen or rear casing. By doing this they make the phone look brand new again with no scratches, marks or other blemishes.

Although the exterior cosmetic condition of a refurbished phone can range from looking like a brand new phone down to one that shows more than average 'wear and tear' all refurbished phones are 100% fully functional. The reason there is a range of different cosmetic conditions is that the grades cover different price ranges and consumers want that choice. Some want a fully refurbished phone that looks brand new, whereas someone else might want a phone that is fully working but they are not so bothered about the cosmetic condition because it is for their kids to use.

We think so yes. A refurbished phone is a high-quality device that provides all the benefits of a new phone but at a much cheaper price. Buying a refurbished phone is a viable alternative to buying a new phone. Not only is it easier on your wallet, it's also better for the environment buying refurbished.

Yes! It's not just Refurbished iPhones and Cell Phones. SellCell has the best deals on lots of other refurbished devices such as Tablets, iPads, Laptops, Macs, MacBooks, Smartwatches & more. Search for what you are looking for above.

Refurbished phones have some small disadvantages. Namely, they come with a smaller warranty period. This may affect the confidence you as a consumer may have in the product. You also may not spot the latest smartphone immediately available as a refurbished phone, meaning you may have to wait. Naturally, you also do not get any pre-order deals and discounts, though you do start off with a lower price than the current retail price of the phone. If you like to buy insurance on your phone, some insurers may not offer this service on refurbished phones. And lastly, depending on the grade of refurbishing, there may be minor signs of use on your device, like a light scratch or blemish.

Buying a high-end smartphone is getting more and more expensive these days. Unless you wait for special sales and promotions, expect to pay at least $1,000 for a new flagship device. This makes refurbished phones all that exciting.

This article looks into refurbished phones and where you can buy them. We also have some tips and tricks to help you make a better purchase decision. You might also want to look at our list of the best cheap phones around if you want something new. Even mid-tier smartphones perform amazingly nowadays, so the list we link to below is worth a look.

A refurbished phone is a lightly used phone that has been returned by a customer, inspected and repaired by the manufacturer/retailer, and labeled as refurbished" or renewed" to be sold at a discount compared to the retail price of a new phone. You can buy refurbished and renewed phones from Swappa, Amazon, Samsung, Apple, carriers, and other retailers.

This is one of the best-known places to buy refurbished phones. You can also return any phone you buy on Gazelle within 30 days of purchase and get your money back. The company also offers device protection plans, so you can get another layer of reassurance. If you want an all-in-one solution for selling your phone, too, you can easily trade it in through Gazelle. The company also works with ecoATM to buy used devices, so you might not even need to ship your old phone in before purchasing another device.

The folks at Decluttr want you to sell your old phone and possibly buy a device from them. They offer a 12-month limited warranty on all the phones they sell. Also, these devices undergo a 70-point inspection before they go on sale on its site.

If you are willing to do a little more research and take a risk on merchants you may not be familiar with, eBay is a great place to check out a ton of offers. Again, our rules for buying such phones really matter when you dive into the murky waters of eBay. Make sure the phone you buy has some kind of warranty, and check out any fine print before spending your hard-earned cash.

That said, eBay itself refurbished and sells phones. These come with an impressive two-year warranty, a money-back guarantee, and full refunds if returned before 30 days. Going with official eBay refurbished phones is arguably as safe as any other competitor on this list.

Walmart is one of the largest retail chain stores; chances are you have a store nearby. They also offer refurbished phones at great prices if you trust the brand. Their selection is pretty wide too. You get a 90-day minimum warranty on these products and accessories, so you can shop in peace.

When phones are returned or recycled due to defects, the refurbishment process may involve repairs such as new internal components, new screens and fixed ports. But before these smartphones can be sold as Certified Pre-Owned devices, they must be fully inspected by Verizon to ensure they work properly.

All certified pre-owned and refurbished phones sold at Verizon will have a rating associated with them, and that will give you an idea what kind of condition they are in. Overall, refurbished phones are safe to use and come in varying condition levels. And, if a device has only light scratching or scuffing, you may be able to cover them with a fashionable phone case.

A warranty is one way to reduce concerns about a used or refurbished device. Certified Pre-Owned phones are also eligible for Total Mobile Protection insurance, which covers loss, theft, damage and many defects that pop up post-warranty. If you purchase a Certified Pre-Owned device with a credit card, your card may also provide extended protection.

Some people are also drawn to refurbished phones due to the reduced environmental footprint. Purchasing a Certified Pre-Owned device helps to keep old phones out of landfills and saves energy, water and other resources required to make new devices.

Interested in finding the right pre-owned smartphone to fit your lifestyle? Check out a large selection of refurbished devices available at Verizon. And if you're a loyal Apple iPhone user, take a look at used and refurbished iPhone devices available at Verizon.

With the current cost of living crisis, buying a brand new handset isn't always a viable option - but that doesn't mean you have to fall behind the times when it comes to technology. Instead, you can keep up and spend less by buying a refurbished phone.

To explain it in full, the tech team at have put together a comprehensive guide on refurbished phones, including what they are, how much they are and where you can get them. We'll also let you know if they're worth buying with a list of pros and cons.

Not all manufacturers sell refurbished phones. However, mobile network providers Vodafone, O2 and giffgaff are among those who do. These sites offer the phones both for sale and for rent (much like a normal mobile phone contract) and will give you a warranty period while you get used to the new handset.

You can also find refurbished phones at more general retailers such as Currys, Argos and JD Williams. The selling site eBay in particular has an entire 'Certified Refurbished' section devoted to products that are in pristine condition and have met the standards of the original manufacturer. If you see a blue tick on the bottom of a product, don't worry - you've not stumbled onto Twitter. It means that the product has been refurbished. 041b061a72


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