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PK Full Hindi Movie Online Free HD: Watch the Comedy-Drama that Broke All Records

PK Full Hindi Movie Online Free HD: A Review

Have you ever wondered what would happen if an alien landed on Earth and tried to understand human society? Well, that's exactly what PK is about. PK is a 2014 Hindi comedy-drama film directed by Rajkumar Hirani, starring Aamir Khan as an extraterrestrial who arrives on Earth with no clothes, no language, and no clue. Along his journey, he meets a friendly journalist named Jaggu (Anushka Sharma), who helps him find his lost remote control that can take him back to his planet. Along the way, he also encounters various religious leaders, politicians, criminals, and ordinary people who teach him about the joys and sorrows of life on Earth.

pk full hindi movie online free hd

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PK is not just a hilarious comedy that will make you laugh out loud. It is also a thought-provoking film that will make you question your own beliefs and values. It is a film that tackles some serious issues like religion, faith, love, friendship, identity, and culture with humor and sensitivity. It is a film that celebrates the diversity and complexity of India as a nation. It is a film that will touch your heart and soul.

If you are looking for a movie that will entertain you, enlighten you, and inspire you, then you should definitely watch PK full Hindi movie online free HD. In this article, we will review the plot, themes, performance, reception, and conclusion of this amazing film. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about it. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this review of PK full Hindi movie online free HD.

The Plot of PK

The plot of PK is simple yet engaging. It follows the adventures of an alien who lands in Rajasthan with nothing but a locket that contains his remote control that can take him back to his spaceship. However, the locket is stolen by a thief who sells it to a godman named Tapasvi Maharaj (Saurabh Shukla), who claims it as a divine object. The alien, who is later named PK by the locals, tries to retrieve his locket by asking various religious leaders and followers for help, but he only gets confused by their contradictory and illogical teachings. He realizes that humans have created many gods and religions to cope with their fears and desires, and that these are often exploited by frauds and fanatics.

Meanwhile, in Belgium, a young Indian journalist named Jaggu (Anushka Sharma) falls in love with a Pakistani Muslim student named Sarfaraz (Sushant Singh Rajput), but their relationship is opposed by her father (Parikshit Sahni), who believes that all Pakistanis are liars and cheats. Jaggu decides to elope with Sarfaraz, but she is heartbroken when she receives a letter from him that says he has left her. She returns to India and becomes a successful TV reporter, but she remains cynical and bitter about love.

One day, Jaggu meets PK when he is distributing leaflets about his missing locket. She is intrigued by his strange behavior and appearance, and she decides to interview him for her show. She discovers that he is an alien who has learned Hindi by holding the hand of a prostitute named Bhairon Singh (Sanjay Dutt), who became his friend and protector. She also learns that he has been collecting money by posing as a beggar, a dancer, and a godman himself, in order to buy more leaflets and bribe Tapasvi's men. She decides to help him find his locket, and in return, he promises to tell her the truth about Sarfaraz.

Jaggu and PK embark on a quest to expose Tapasvi and his followers, who have been spreading hatred and violence in the name of religion. They also confront Jaggu's father and Sarfaraz, who reveal that the letter was forged by Tapasvi to separate them. Along the way, they also encounter other characters who have been affected by PK's actions, such as Cherry Bajwa (Boman Irani), a rival TV producer who tries to discredit Jaggu's show; Nawazuddin (Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub), a Muslim terrorist who changes his mind after listening to PK; and Jagat Janani (Ranbir Kapoor), another alien who arrives on Earth looking for PK.

The climax of the movie takes place at an event where Tapasvi challenges PK to prove his identity and claims. PK reveals that he has stolen Tapasvi's collection of divine objects from different religions, which he calls "wrong numbers". He asks Tapasvi to identify which object belongs to which god, and when he fails to do so, he exposes his hypocrisy and fraudulence. He also shows the audience his spaceship and his true form, which are hidden inside a truck. He explains that he came to Earth out of curiosity, and that he has learned a lot from humans, but he also questions their blind faith and intolerance. He urges them to use their own minds and hearts to find the true god within themselves.

PK bids farewell to Jaggu and Bhairon, who accompany him to his spaceship. He thanks them for their friendship and love, and he gives them his locket as a souvenir. He also tells Jaggu that Sarfaraz still loves her, and that she should follow her heart. He then leaves Earth with Jagat Janani, who tells him that there are many more planets to explore. b70169992d


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