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Buy Split Rail Fence Near Me

Split rail fence is timeless, beautiful and economical. It is the most popular fence in our area because it adds rustic charm to any property, serves many purposes, and has been around since colonial times. It adds distinction to your property and is very popular for use with horses and large animals as well as dogs and small pets (just add our welded wire).

buy split rail fence near me

People often ask about turning odd angles or about dealing with variable slopes. The tenoned ends of the split rails fit snugly but there is a little wiggle room to bend corners and to change slope. Plus with a sharp chisel, a hammer and a drill both posts and rails can be easily modified to do almost anything. We also stock plain un-machined posts in 3 rail height that can be modified in versatile ways.

Standard Rail and posts make up about 1/4 of our demand for split rail and are split from straighter grain logs making them more rectangular or blocky. Standard weight components are larger and about 35-60% more expensive than pony weight.

One of the most economical options homeowners often choose for their property is a split rail fence. Some may know these fences by other names such as a log fence, a zigzag fence, worm fence or snake fence due to its layout.

Another highly durable option is a locust split rail fence. Locust split rail is made from the very hard, strong and heavy wood of the black locust tree. This type of wood has a distinct greenish-yellow tint when first cut which deepens to a golden color over time. What distinguishes this wood split rail fence from pine is that it is simply a much heavier and stronger piece of wood that has a very high shock resistance. And just like pressure treated split rail pine, locust wood is extremely resistant to rot, decay and termites.

Today, most homes with a split rail fence are in the countryside. The suburban areas are slowly picking split rail fencing up as a way to add more charm to the curb appeal of a home. The primitive design of a split rail fence can give your home and yard a more rustic look, which is gaining in popularity. But there is more to love about a split rail fence than just the look.

Trying to determine if Split Rail fence is right for you is all up the eye of the beholder. Every fence has pros and cons. If you want the rustic look of a split rail fence then you can easily trim to fit most dimensions. If you are looking for something a little more polished but still rustic then a Ranch Rail fence might the right decision for you.

The Snohomish Co-Op carries a huge selection of fencing supplies and equipment. This ranges from electric fencing wire, chargers, and components, to gates and corral panels. We carry wood posts, treated lumber, split rail fencing, and 3 hole dowel fencing supplies.

Precision Fenceworks installs beautiful split rail fencing that enhances your rural or in-town property. Split rail fences are the perfect choice for homeowners who want a more natural look that creates a sense of aesthetically pleasing hominess and times gone by.

Precision Fenceworks uses only the best pressure treated pine or cedar rail fencing found in the State of Georgia. While there are many ways to create a harmonious split rail boundary with the land, two of the more popular styles are rough cut and smooth split rail fencing. Either is a beautiful choice. Let us show you which one might work best for your situation.

Split rail fencing provides a certain rustic charm to its surroundings. This is an extremely popular style of fence in western North Carolina. Due to the low amount of materials, split rail fencing can cover a long distance at a lower price than other kinds of fencing, and also maintains your view.

Gates come in all varieties for split rail fences, and can be customized to your needs. Drive gates are typically of a high concern for our clients, and can be built to suit your vehicles and/or equipment passing through. Lightweight steel tubing can be used for horse gates. Cast iron gates may also be fabricated to match the design of your home.

Split Rail Fences are typically used as a low profile property line delineator or decorative accent in or around planting beds. For extra security, or to keep your kids and dogs from wandering, simply attach welded wire mesh to a 3 rail fence.

We regularly install 2 and 3 rail post and rail fences. When you choose Artistic Fence, you also have the option to add a post and rail fence with wire to help keep your four-legged friends safe and secure.

Typically used for agriculture or farming, split rail fences have been a staple in North America for hundreds of years. Home and business owners in the U.S. often choose post and rail fences for their classic, decorative look.

If you love the look but want to keep your four-legged friends (or children, for that matter!) safely behind the fence, we can add custom wire to enclose the spaces between the rails. The same goes for areas with obstructions in the fence line.

No matter if you choose post and rail, split rail, wire mesh or none, you can always get a nice. open view with post and rail fencing. This is a perfect choice for properties with beautiful lake or mountain views that other fences might obscure.

At The Fence Guys, our wooden fences are designed to your exact specifications with prefabricated options also available. Being affordable, wood fencing is a popular option that is available in many different post and rail styles. In addition to wood fencing, we offer vinyl, aluminum, chain link, and deer fencing.

Another thing to remember is that a wood split rail fence will cost more than a chain-link fence or a vinyl fence. The wood split rail fence materials are more expensive, and the installation process is also more labor-intensive.

The Split Rail Store is a family-owned business based in New Castle, DE. We use only high quality materials in every project entrusted to us. And weather permitting, we can get your new fencing ready right when you need it. Whether you're looking to purchase a split rail fence and install it yourself, or have us help you with the installation, our crew will be there to help you, from start to finish. We give you only the best rates for your split rail fence needs. And rest assured, our friendly crew members will handle your project with the utmost care. We take workmanship and customer service very seriously; we're not satisfied unless you are.

Split rail fencing end posts are drilled halfway through and are used as starting and stopping points in the fence. Line posts are drilled all the way through to support rails on either side, while corner posts are drilled halfway through on adjoining sides to create right angles.

Our split rail fencing is made of cedar, making it ideal for creating a visual boundary on a variety of property types. It has an organic, rustic appearance and feel, which is often preferred at parks, farms, trails and homes because of its beautiful and seamless integration with nature.

In terms of cost, a wood split rail fence is quite affordable, even when high-quality cedar is used. Depending on the type of wood and the length of the rails, your installed price will be $12-$16 per linear foot from a professional or $8-$12 per foot if you install it yourself.

There are several types of wood used for split rail fencing including cedar, pine, spruce and hemlock. Cedar species such as Western Red cedar has the best natural water-resistant characteristics. It will last the longest and requires the least amount of maintenance. Cedar is also very resistant to insect infestation. When not painted or stained, it weathers to an attractive, classic silver-gray color.

While wood remains the most popular, some manufacturers, such as Freedom Fencing, are now making vinyl split rail fencing products. They are offered in several colors and have the advantage of being completely maintenance-free.

Oklahoma City has a plethora of parks, open spaces, and other recreational areas to explore and enjoy. Most of these outdoor spaces have fencing that wraps the perimeter of the land. The fence serves as a property line boundary and can protect the area from animals or unwanted visitors while enhancing the overall design of the open space. In situations like this, both post and dowel and split rail fencing are the favorable types of fencing.

Canadian cedar is another type of wood fence that makes for a more formal post and rail fence appearance. Cedar will naturally preserve itself by cracking open somewhat so that it dries out on the inside. We have a supplier that will ship any size order, so the material always looks fresh. This supplier also offers us a wide section of other types of wood fence.

Whether you are looking to have your backyard patio or pool area enclosed, or need split rail fencing for your farm, Tri County Fence & Decks is an expert in split rail fencing in Maryland. There are many types of split rail fencing to choose from. Privacy panel split rail fencing, and decorative split rail fencing are all popular aluminum fence choices. And of course, Tri County Fence has the perfect gate for secure access to the enclosure. Because split rail fencing is the most popular option, we carry a wide variety of styles and sizes.

The National Park Service [NPS], at Yosemite National Park published the following split rail fence designs in 1990. The fences were to be made from hazard incense cedar trees to keep the costs down, but fences may be made from whatever is appropriate on a particular forest. The split rail and post diameters may vary depending on the timber available and on information in The Built Environment Image Guide.

[A caution was included in the design:] . . . concern was raised that this fence might get disassembled for firewood in campground areas. It might be worthwhile to build a pilot fence near one . . . to examine the feasibility of this application.

This fence takes a 4-foot swath. Because it does not require any fenceposts, it is perfectly designed for archeological sites. Depending on the message desired, it could be two, three, or four rails high. This is an easy fence to build well, requiring minimal skills. 041b061a72