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Buy Piyo Dvd

Would I complete a full round of piyo, not a chance. Does it burn calories, build muscles in different locations, and allow you to stretch? ABSOLUTELY. for that, I love Piyo, and some of the videos still kick my butt. Drench really gets me sweating and the work outs with the slides are good.

buy piyo dvd

Hello, I read about the piyo workouts and they sound really great. My question is I have a thyroid issue and I have heard from several different people that it is hard to lose weight with a thyroid issue. So I was wondering if any of your programs would work for me. Thank you, I hope to hear back from you

Hello I have already lost 60 pounds doing the 21 day fix and extreme.just finished one month of cize also lost 10lbs i am on a journey to lose 42 pounds to be at my goal weight.. i want to hybrid something with cize(totally love cize) will piyo be a good one to lose the pounds I dont want to lose them fast just work towards my goal 041b061a72


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