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Thanks for your comment; I cut my own from cardboard I get from labs and other assorted boxes, but if I were sending a large volume, you could get it from Uline; here is a link to 5.58.5 inch cut cardboard: =5.58.5%20cardboard I see that they are out of stock on it now, but I would assume it would be available in the future. I ship 57 prints in 69 envelopes with the 5.5X8.5 cardboard.

buy photo envelopes


for your 4x6 card stock. You will find these Cougar A-4 envelopes perfectly sized at 4.25 x 6.25 inches will hold your 4 x 6 photos, announcements, artwork, and holiday cards. The vellum finish on these 70# text weight envelopes gives them a semi soft feel, while offering superb printability. They are available in both white and a neutral natural.

Walgreens, Walmart, and CVS are a few local retailers who offer 1-hour photo printing. Check out our definitive guide to find local photo labs near you. You can upload your photos online and pick-up in store. Or many of these local printers have kiosks in the store.

Packages can cost anywhere from a low of about $15 to upwards of $100. The more expensive packages can include extras, such as photo touch-ups. Schools that use the sales of photos to raise funds may ask for even higher amounts.

LifeTouch, the largest employee-owned photography company in the U.S., says a recent survey found that 96 percent of parents want official school photos. They like having quality prints of their children even though they might have hundreds of digital snapshots on their phones.

Scrutinize your order. Parents who have ordered school photos in previous years may notice that they're often left with plenty of extra copies in the envelope. Jones says that when she went through her own family photo boxes, she found envelopes full of photos that her parents had ordered of her and her three siblings.

Instead of ordering a midsized or large package, it's a better bet to order a smaller package and avoid the surplus. Parents who need additional photos can always order them at a later date, says Amanda Cairer, director of marketing at Inter-State Studio, a school photography studio based in Sedalia, Mo.

Create your own photo session. Some parents might balk at the cost of a school photo package because digital photography is relatively cheap and ubiquitous. Jones and her family have asked friends who are aspiring photographers to take outdoor photos of their children, instead of ordering expensive school packages.

Parents who consider skipping the professional school photo may worry that their kids will feel left out. But typically, every child has a photo taken regardless of whether his or her parents order a package, Cairer says. The photo may then be used for a school ID or in the yearbook.

Stop by your local The UPS Store for pens, tape, envelopes and other shipping supplies from a selection of easily recognizable office supply brands like: 3M, Pentel, Avery, Sharpie, Mead, Scotch, and The UPS Store branded products.

Archival Methods is based in Rochester, New York, an area rich in photographic history thanks in large part to Kodak. The company makes all its products by hand, in-house, and is known for its quality.

Hollinger has worked closely with organizations such as The Library of Congress and other institutional archives, making them a trustworthy source for archival products. Its photo storage box is one of the best options for those serious about preserving photos and building an archive.

Lineco is another one of the major players in the fine-art, archival world offering a range of products for storage, bookmaking, and framing. It makes archival photo storage boxes in a wide variety of sizes, but I greatly appreciate the large, 2230-inch option for my large prints.

Once you know the average size of your prints, you will want to consider how many photos you need to store in your box. While fairly large boxes are available, with some storing up to 700 photos, most are more modest. If you need to organize lots of photos, you may need to stock up on a few boxes. And always consider how many prints you may generate in the coming year to give yourself a buffer for adding prints. If you find a box you particularly like, it might be worth ordering a few of the boxes in case the design changes or there are stock issues down the road when you go to get more.

Most photo storage boxes are just simple, empty boxes without any additional organization, while some come with dividers or even envelopes for organizing your prints. For some, throwing all the prints in a box is organization enough. But, if you are a stickler about organizing and want to separate your photos by categories such as dates or activity, look for boxes that either come with or provide optional dividers or envelopes. Just be sure that the organizational tools also meet your archival needs if that is an area of importance.

There are lots of reasons you may be considering photo storage boxes. Whether it be to preserve old family photos or simply to keep your own photos organized with no goal of them lasting for future generations, there are lots of great options to meet your needs. But be sure to look closely and read beyond acid-free statements if preservation is your goal.

I have been involved in the photography industry for around a decade, much of which has been in the fine art world. Through talks with established artists, professors, and galleries, I have learned the importance of safely storing your artwork and photos. They instilled in me early on a good understanding of what archival means and how to handle art safely.

When selecting the best photo storage boxes, I used my personal experiences with particular companies and products as well as information from art and preservation communities. Since there are many different goals for photo storage boxes, I picked a variety of products from fully archival to more basic. Lastly, offering a selection of sizes was important, as were different price points.

Mail sent in window envelopes will be subject to the tap-test. Mail that does not meet the regulation will be separated and metered at full-rate (no presort discount applied). All mail will be submitted to the post office without delay.

For all letter-size and flat-size mail in window envelopes, every character in the delivery address, including any postal barcode, marking, or endorsement, must be completely visible through the window throughout the full range of movement of the insert bearing the delivery address. Any window envelope used for letter-size or flat-size mail claimed at automation rates or for letter-size mail claimed at Enhanced Carrier Route high density or saturation rates must also meet the barcoding standards for letters and flats in 708.4.0. Any window envelope used for letter-size or flat-size mail claimed at any other rate must meet the following additional standards:

Looking for cheap holiday cards? We have got you covered. We offer affordable Christmas cards, Hanukkah cards, Kwanzaa cards with any holiday you celebrate available with out custom holiday cards selection! Make sure you are prepared for this holiday season with MailPix! Have your holiday cards ready to go with your photos featured front and center!

Simply upload your own photos to our site. customize your own holiday cards and have them shipped to your doorstep! Celebrate this year with your own personalized Christmas cards. We offer a range of customizable Hanukkah cards as well as Kwanzaa for any celebration we are ready to help!

For Fathers Day photo gifts, check out our photo neckties, personalized aprons, and custom photo mugs. Our photo gifts page is a great place to get started. Forego the hunt online and at local stores. Design the perfect gift yourself with just a few simple steps and a splash of creativity!

Are you looking to order personalized custom Anniversary cards printed with photos? At Mailpix, we have a vast variety of designs to choose from! You can create a custom anniversary card featuring your photos front and center! Create your order within minutes and have it delivered to your doorstep! It is an easy way to demonstrate the date of yours or a loved ones anniversary!

Looking for something a little more formal? Our folding greeting cards can be printed with photos and text on all four panels and are often used for creating personalized stationery. Folded photo greeting cards make great custom wedding invitations or personalized thank you notes with a unique twist. Nothing livens up a greeting or invitation than adding a favorite photo your loved ones can enjoy. Our cheap prices and top quality cannot be beat.

Classic glossy photo cards are an affordable way to create greetings or invitations with a personal touch. From cheap graduation announcements to a set of personalized holiday cards, you can use all of our custom options to design the perfect greeting for any occasion. Classic custom photo cards are easy to make and are priced lower than traditional cardstock photo cards making them the perfect option when you want to send out a large number of greetings to friends and family.

No matter the occasion, our personalized greeting cards can be designed for a variety of events, celebrations and more! Share a moment with our custom photo printed cards! We make designing photo cards online easy. Leave the printing to us! Just upload your photos and get creative!

When addressing married couples with the same last name, use the standard "Mr." and "Mrs." titles. Traditionally, addressing different-sex couples would mean spelling out the man's first and last name (e.g. "Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez"). However, more modern etiquette suggests using the first and last name of both guests (e.g. "Mr. Gabriel Sanchez and Mrs. Sofia Sanchez"). For a less formal approach that's more often seen on inner envelopes, you can also address married couples by last name only (e.g. "Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez" or "Mr. Sanchez and Mrs. Sanchez"). Avoid using first names only unless it's on inner envelopes and you've already addressed the couple fully on the outer envelope. 041b061a72


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